We will be heading up to rural & exotic areas of Costa Rica, looking for a lost paradise. Some extra effort on off roads will be needed to find what is been hidden & lost, but this will make our journey even more interesting, as we may spot some nice surprises from our wildlife on the way. Upon arrival, we will take a river cruise on a special, small and noiseless motorboat, just designed to cycle through these untamed channels, which are part of a complex ecosystem of wetlands that irrigates these alluvial plains and evergreen forests. These wetlands are an important and key nesting area for several species of migratory and non-migratory birds.

This place is a wildlife sanctuary where exhilarating native fauna encounters on an expertly guided family adventure will be enjoyed.

On our floating safari expedition, we may spot different species of mammals such sloths, bats, howler monkeys, spider monkeys and the white-faced capuchins. In addition, a vast assortment of aquatic birds such the herons, storks, king fishers, Jacanas, ducks, and no aquatic such trogons potoos, ospreys, hawks and big prizes for birdwatchers. Our exploration cannot finish without spotting some reptiles such the Jesus-Christ Lizard, Iguanas, turtles, and maybe crocodiles… We will show you the secret living treasures of this world and describe them to you. At the end we will share, a very unforgettable experience with a real Costa Rican food while eating some homemade delights.