Birdwatching Tour


This early morning tour is easily adapted in accordance with your knowledge of birds and your specific desires. Birds are much more active in the morning and just before sunset. Our experts will take you through various ecosystems and a variety of heights, allowing you to not only see a greater selection of birds, but also discover the differences in their habitats. You will have the opportunity to observe different groups of bird including aquatic, highland, and lowland species ranging from small birds to large birds of prey, resident, and migratory birds. Our guides will highlight some special species which stand out for their impressive colors, sounds or behaviors, such as toucans, parrots, orioles, parakeets. For the most experienced, we will be able to show you some species that are not seen very commonly, such as the Amazonian royal flycatcher, White-fronted nunbird, Cinnamon woodpecker, and others. Afterwards we will all gather to share and learn about the birds we observed. 


coffee and cookies
water bottle
Bilingual Naturalist Guide


Comfortable clothes
hiking shoes
sun block
mosquito repellent

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