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Offering the very best in incentive travel, our professional staff with over 10 years of experience strive for first class service. We specialize in making every single corporate trip our priority with a commitment to quality by delivering memorable experiences. Our certified guides will show guests the very best of what Costa Rica has to offer. We offer the best offsite venues for your event planning needs, ensuring fast response, transportation arrangements, and more. Our comprehensive destination management services are designed with your group in mind. This includes corporate experiences, delivering memorable events with unique local attractions. In a constantly changing travel space, we also keep a keen eye on corporate social responsibility initiatives, and customize programs focusing on tours tailored to your group’s needs. Costa Rica is dedicated to eco-tourism and sustainability. As such, we continue that commitment and recognize that it is essential to help balance tourism and the environment. We constantly analyze our operations with respect to efficiency, quality, productivity, and environmental impact, all while ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

Site Inspections

Of the utmost important to any event is ensuring that the venue meets your expectations. Our face-to-face site inspections offer a unique opportunity to walk through the event program beforehand with one of our expert staff so that everything is to your liking and where we run you through the entire schedule of the event, along with finalizing airport transportation meet and greet arrangements. Your sales executive will be available throughout the event to provide support and will be your main contact until the event has come to its conclusion, while our dedicated staff will work hard to ensure the entire event runs successfully.

Tailor-made Excursions and Activities

Let our in-depth knowledge of all regions of Costa Rica bring you an unforgettable experience tailored to your group’s specific desires. A good tour is based on a great itinerary, with energetic tour guides that bring a fun element to the party, including delicious food and an immersive local experience.

Off Property Dining & Venues

We have first-hand knowledge of the best spots to go off property for unforgettable meals. From beautiful outdoor dining spaces marked by natural beauty, to luxury villas with unbelievable views, to relaxed beachfront settings featuring amazing sunsets, and more. Let our staff arrange your meals that highlight Costa Rica’s fresh, local flavors.

Events & Decor

Our tailor-made DMC events center around your celebratory plans. From themed parties to exclusive after-parties to signature events, the possibilities are endless and are bound only by the imagination. Let us create while you celebrate! Our staff works tirelessly with your event coordinator to come up with the perfect party atmosphere to enhance your event and make it shine.


Every party has some form of entertainment, and in the paradise of Costa Rica, the options are endless. Let our experience of the area and in working with DMC events bring you the best entertainment for your group’s tastes. Live music, shows, exquisite locally-inspired galas, and carnivals are just a few examples.

Social Responsibility

Here in Costa Rica, we continue the initiative of diminished environmental impact with each event we organize. Our DMC events are based on social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and transparency throughout. Every company we partner with and the communities involved are also in alignment with these ideals.

Transport Coordination & Logistics

Included with our services are meticulous arrangement of transportation logistics for any size group. We go the extra mile to ensure everyone arrives on time and in the most comfortable way possible. We handle all of your transportation needs and comply with all safety and hygiene protocols.


Gifts and swag bring so much to your event, and we are the experts in providing the best Costa Rican products to give to your valued team members. We partner with local suppliers who support women-owned cooperatives to supply your guests’ gifts with an authentic local flair.

RFP (Request for A Proposal)

We consider all requests for proposals for your next incentive travel event. Contact us for more information; we are here to help you plan your next DMC event.

White Water Rafting

Beautiful canyons, wildlife, exuberant vegetation, pristine water. This is what you will find as you raft for approximated 1 hour down the class 2, 3, or 4 rapids of the rivers, after the safety instruction you will get your raft

River Safari Expedition.

We will be heading up to rural & exotic areas of Costa Rica, looking for a lost paradise. Some extra effort on off roads will be needed to find what is been hidden & lost, but this will make our journey even more interesting, as w

Rio Celeste Guided Rainforest and Waterfall Hike

Once at the park entry we start the hike through this primary Humid and Rainy Forest, several fauna species and exuberant flora are easily found in these ecosystem, during this 3 hours walk we visit a magnificent waterfall, the pl

Monteverde Cloud Forest Experience. 

Recently awarded as one of the most beautiful destinations on Earth, The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is the perfect tour for those who want to take a different approach to admire nature. Our guides will highlight distinctive c

Catamaran Adventure

A guide will take you to the loading platform and help you board the catamaran. You will set sail towards the horizon and cruise over sapphire hued waves. The catamaran will chart a picturesque course gliding around the coastline.

Canopy Tours

What better way to enjoy the Tropical Dry Forest and Rain Forest than gliding through it! Feeling as the birds do while they fly over this beautiful environment, or as the monkeys do when they swing of the tree branches. Special a

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